Services:  Design, Illustration and Sculpture (Traditional and Digital).

Software Knowledge: Zbrush, Maya, Modo, Photoshop.



Ender's Game: Creature Designer


The Dark Knight Rises: Concept Design
Cowboys vs Aliens: Concept Design
Fright Night: Concept Design


Men In Black 3: Concept Design
Green Lantern: Character Design


Thor: Character Design
Zoo Keeper: Character Design
Nightmare on Elmstreet: Freddy Kruger Redesign.


Tron Legacy: Conceptual design and Digital Character Maquettes.
2012: Digital Environmental Look Developement.
StarTrek: Digital Creature Maquettes.


Watchmen: Digital Character Maquettes.
Cloverfield: Assistant Creature Design. Digital Maquettes. Traditional Sculptor on Live Action Parasite.
Avatar: Creature Design. Digital Maquettes. Traditional Maquettes.
Aliens vs. Predator-Requiem: Designer of new Alien Head. Sculptor on Creature Suits.


10. 000 BC: Sculptor on CG scanning maquettes.
Resident Evil-Extinction: Sculptor on Creature Suit.
Pumpkin Head 3: Sculptor on Creature suit and Make-up
Aquaman: (TV pilot) Sculptor on make-up


Lady in the Water: Sculptor on Creature Suits.
Altered:Creature Design, Sculptor of Maquette and Sculptor on Creature Suit. Design and sculptor of gore effects Make-up.


Fantastic Four: Sculptor on The Thing and Doctor Doom make-up and suits.
Underworld 2: Sculptor on creature Suits.
The Cave: Sculptor on creatures and make-up


I Robot: Sculptor on Robot Design Maquette and Full Scale Robot.


Underworld: Sculptor on Creatures and Make-up.
Raising Genius: Illustrator on poster mock-ups.
Saint Sinner: Sculptor on Creatures and Make-up.


Special Unit 2: (TV, Second season) Sculptor and painter on creatures and make-up.
They: Sculptor on Full scale Creature and Maquette.


Z for Zacharia: Conceptual design on Creatures, Characters, and Miniature Sets.
Special Unit 2: (TV, first season) Sculptor on creatures and make-up.
Outlander: Sculptor and painter on Creature maquette.


Dungeons & Dragons: Conceptual design on Creatures, Characters, Armor, and props. Sculpting of Creature maquettes.


American Tempest: Conceptual design of CG shape-shifting ravens.
Super Nova: Sculpting of Creature Suit, and prosthetic make-up.


Godzilla: Key frame illustrations, Sculpting of 6th scale Mother Godzilla, Full scale Baby Godzilla, and Baby Godzilla maquette.
Fifth Element: Illustration and design of miniature sets and vehicles. Art direction of miniature sets.


Jingle All the Way: Lead sculptor on toy designs and props.
Relic: Sculptor on digitally scanned gore effects.
The Rock: Sculptor on miniature Navy Seal divers.


Independence Day: Visual effects Storyboards, sculptor on Alien Creature, Space Craft, and Miniature Sets.
Indian in the Cupboard: Sculptor on sets, props,toys and miniatures.


Water World: Lead sculptor, design and painting of miniature figures and props. Model maker on miniature Exon Valdese.
Interview with a Vampire: Lead sculptor on miniature sets.
The Coneheads (movie): Lead sculptor on space craft and miniature sets.


The Shadow: Sculptor on miniature sets.
The Color of Night: Sculptor on miniature sets.
The Hudsucker Proxy: Model builder.
Cabin Boy: Lead sculptor on miniature sets,props and figures.


Stargate: Sculptor on miniature sets,craft and props.


Super Mario Brothers: Lead sculptor on full scale sets.
Toys: Sculptor on creatures and dangerous toys.
Batman Returns: Sculptor on miniature sets, and props.


Aliens III: Creature puppeteering.


Solar Crisis: Miniature model builder, sculptor, and painter.


The Judas Project: Model Builder.

Commercials: Available upon request.

Various Flight Simulator Rides: Batman (Universal Studios),Seafari (Japan), Rockers (Japan), Back to the Future Ride (Universal Studios).

Other experience:

Conceptual design on Rotoball game.

Sculpture and design on toy proto types (WWC Wrestlers,Harry Potter merchandise and toys, The Mummy 1 and 2, Tomb Raider,Skeleton Warriors, Ninja Turtles, and Cyber Force.)

Self published comic book (Dreams of Eden)

Published short stories in Inferno! (UK based dark fantasy magazine.)